The Strongest Sorcerer

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Basic unity knowledge for setting up is recommended.

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This asset is inspired by the anime Jujutsu Kaisen, ofcourse I have my own twist on everything.

This asset is also by far the biggest I've made for gumroad.
A lot of time and effort went into this to make it both look good, and still make it so it doesn't impact your PC as much.

Ofcourse, the screen effects are toggleable. for if you don't want any impact-frames or screenshake and such.
(By default this is turned on)

Summon purple to create a devastating explosion!

Purple: Ingame

Purple: Ingame

Or use red to blow them away with great force:

Red Down-Slam: Ingame

Red Barrage: Ingame

Or blue to erase them with intense forces:

Blue Orb: Ingame

Blue Rock Telekinesis: Ingame

Or send energy into your fists and beat them to a pulp:

Divergent Fist: Ingame

Black Flash: Ingame

Ultimately, you can also open your domain.

Infinite Void: Ingame

Asset Details:

NOTE: using this asset WILL put your avatar to the "very poor" status, due to the sheer amount of effects on it.

  • You will get a working interactive asset, with proper from scratch VFX. Usable on any avatar.
    (A total of 236 Particle systems custom made)
  • A short and easy to follow set-up video guide. And support afterwards if you can't figure something out.
  • This asset uses 27 parameter memory slots!
  • This asset is network-synced. (However using your gestures too fast will still cause desync)
  • Everything has sound effects
  • Everything is made with beauty in mind, it's optimized but not 100% optimized
  • Due to the particle systems and other effects the full asset will add a bunch of material slots, 236 of which are particle systems.
  • Fx layers for both write defaults on or off.
  • A Sub-menu to turn off screen effects.

- Avatar 3.0 Manager (Not included, Add it through VCC)
Leviant ScreenSpace Ubershader v2.9 (included, in pack)
DoppelGanger Distortion wave/shader (included, in pack)
poi_Toon_7.3.50_To_8.1.160 Or later (not included)
- VRChat Creator Companion (not included)
- Icons by
- Dash System by Kirian, Shr00m and DangerKitty


  • This asset is NOT quest compatible, it's PC-Only.
  • You need a basic knowledge of unity to be able to properly set up this asset.
    (know what write defaults is etc)
  • This asset is for PERSONAL USE ONLY, you agree to not redistribute this asset as part or whole.
    (You can still use it on stream/short films/skits or any other creative expressions. Just don't share the files.)
  • Avatars with this asset can't be public
  • Don't claim this asset as part or whole as your own. Credit me.
  • You can edit this asset to what you want, all rules still apply no matter how much you edit.

Contact me here:

My server

Thank you very much for your purchase, I sincerely hope you will enjoy this asset!

Kind regards,

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The strongest sorcerer

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The Strongest Sorcerer

43 ratings
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