Zep's Katana

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Zep's Katana

20 ratings

Please rate the katana after purchase! It'll help me get seen and support me in creating more assets like this!
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This katana is for those who seek power.
Fully interactive slashes and various abilities that you will be able to do! And it's all network synced with a easy set-up!

From just slashing to destructive abilities, all in the palm of your hand

Slow down time and cut everything around you

Asset Details:

NOTE: using this asset WILL put your avatar to the "very poor" status, due to the sheer amount of effects on it.

  • You will get a working interactive from scratch katana asset, with proper from scratch VFX. Usable on any avatar.
    (A total of 161 Particle systems custom made and as optimized as possible for all different attacks)
  • A short and easy to follow set-up video guide. And support afterwards if you can't figure something out.
    Message me directly or in my server: https://discord.gg/83uFBtpvPg
    (Highly recommended to join my server, your issue may already be fixed!)
  • 7k Tris for the Normal katana and 4x (28k) for the True form of it. Both use one material.
  • This asset uses 22 parameter memory slots! (14 Bools, 1 int)
  • This asset is network-synced
  • Easy hand-to-hand swapping by just grabbing the katana with your other hand, no toggle required.
  • Everything has sound effects
  • A optimization menu, to reduce the effects to the bare minimum if needed.
  • Due to the particle systems and other effects the full asset will add 168 material slots, 161 of which are particle systems.
  • Fx layers for both write defaults on or off.

- Avatar 3.0 Manager (Included, seperate)
World constraint (Included, in pack)
Weapon Slash (Included, in pack)
Leviant ScreenSpace Ubershader v2.9 (included, in pack)
DoppelGanger Distortion wave/shader (included, in pack)
poi_Toon_7.3.50_To_8.1.160 Or later (not included)
- VRCSDK3-AVATAR-2022. Or later (not included)


  • This asset is NOT quest compatible, it's PC-Only.
  • You need a basic knowledge of unity to be able to properly set up this asset.
    (know what write defaults is etc)
  • By purchasing this asset with the PERSONAL LICENCE, you agree to not redistribute this asset as part or whole.
    (You can still use it on stream/short films/skits or any other creative expressions. Just don't share the files.)
  • By purchasing this asset with the COMMERCIAL LICENCE, you agree to ONLY redistribute this asset on a FINISHED avatar.
    (This does not account for commissions/requests to merge this asset with other peoples avatars. In this case both people need a license fit to their goal with this asset.)
    (Taking requests is also allowed on the personal license, on the same condition that both people involved have their own licenses)
  • Avatars sold with this asset CAN'T BE FREE.
  • Avatars with this asset can't be public
  • People who've bought a avatar with this asset CAN'T reuse it for themselves.
    (They can't grab this asset from your avatar and reuse it, they have to buy their own license for that)
  • Don't claim this asset as part or whole as your own. Credit me.
  • You can edit this asset to what you want, all rules still apply no matter how much you edit.
  • Support for both write defaults on, or off!


  • Update 1.2:
    - Added a bit of extra information regarding the commercial license.
    - Updated the tutorial video for the update
    - Fixed a issue with the first ground-slash ability not working correctly.
    - Made the ground-slash part of the weapon system more responsive.
    - Added support for both Write defaults off and on.
  • Update 1.25:
    - Changed the tutorial, it's a little slower and includes a few things I forgot previously
    - Changed the ground slash networking again, the write defaults off version now works correctly and you can use two ground slashes in succession now.
    - A few other minor bug-fixes regarding weapon scaling.


  1. Make a interactive spawn/summon animation.
  2. Make a scabbard to pull the katana out of, instead of the spawn/summon animation.
  3. Add a ultimate attack, "become atomic".
  4. Make a tutorial video on how to swap out the katana for a custom weapon.

More may come later, I just don't have a idea of what more to add to it afterwards.

Contact me here: https://discord.gg/83uFBtpvPg Or zepwlert#0001

Thank you very much for your purchase, I sincerely hope you will enjoy this asset!

Kind regards,

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A Katana asset made with love and passion.


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