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Zep's Simple Joint

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This is the first free asset on my page

It's a simple Joint/Blunt to put on your avatar, I hope you'll enjoy.

Asset Details:

  • You will get Zep's Simple Joint
  • Smoke puffs are voice activated
    (Amount is based on how loud your voice is)
  • When the joint hits the mouth target you will be able to puff smoke
    (if the toggle "In mouth" is active you will always puff smoke when you talk)
  • This prefab doesn't really effect your performance at all.
    (The joint model having 129 vertices (254 triangles) And four particle systems with a total maximum of 78 particles)
  • Custom made VFX textures (smoke etc)
  • A short video set-up guide to help you
  • Network syncing on colliders
  • Funny bonk, haha

Fx layers are made with write defaults off. However it should be easy to convert to write defaults on and work with it.

- Avatar 3.0 Manager (Included, seperate)
- poi_Toon_7.3.50_To_8.1.160 Or later (not included)
- VRCSDK3-AVATAR-2022. Or later (not included)


  • This asset is NOT quest compatible, it's PC-Only. Feel free to try and convert it though.
  • You need a basic knowledge of unity to be able to properly set up this asset.
  • This asset can be used both personally and commercially. Re-selling this asset by itself or any part of it on it's own is prohibited.
  • Avatars sold with this asset can be free
  • Avatars with this asset can be public
  • Don't claim this asset as part or whole as your own. Credit me.
  • Make sure to also credit the creator of the joint!!! Copy&Paste the credits section into your description if you will sell it!!
  • You can edit this asset to what you want, all rules still apply no matter how much you edit.

Joint model: "CryptoBud Joint" ( by CryptoBud Inc.
Is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

No changes we're made to the model itself

Enjoy the joint everyone,


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A joint... it's free, so why not get it, right?

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Zep's Simple Joint

123 ratings
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