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| VRchat | Firebender

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This is my second avatar I've made for Gumroad, though this time I did most of it completely myself from scratch.

All Clothing pieces on this, and particle effect and animations are done by me completely from scratch.
This also includes all particle textures.

If you find any bugs/problems with this avatar, please contact me: zepwlert#0001
I will try to get it fixed a.s.a.p.

I truly Hope you'll enjoy this avatar!

Kind regards,

Join my discord!:

- Dissolve Clothing toggles.
- Customization: Hue change for clothing, Emission slider for clothing, Saturation slider and Particle hue slider.
- Fire Bending (contact activated).
- Combustion Bending (in fire bending).
- Lightning Bending.
- Flame Eyes.
- Hand Particles.
- Joint.
- Joint Bonk Stick.
- Custom SpringJoint.
- My FunParticle System.
- ofc... dps. (with pp size slider)

1. Poiyomi Toon (Included)
2. DPS, is optional (not included) Buy it here.
3. VRCSDK (included)
4. FireBender

Drag in the scene, hit upload and have fun!

- Male Base, and Face: Blossom#2332
(I completely reworked the original textures, standard doesn't look like mine. Don't reuse.)
- Hair: π’¦π’Ύπ“‰π“‰π“Žπ“
(I only yeeted quite a few poly's)

Joint model: "CryptoBud Joint" ( by CryptoBud Inc. is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

The rest is done by me, from scratch.

- You are buying a personal licence to use this avatar, thus redistribution in any form is prohibited.
- You are not allowed to reuse assets from this avatar, you have to purchase each asset from it's respectful owner. This also goes for the particle effects on this avatar.
- Don't claim any asset as a whole or part, as yours.
- You are not allowed to make this avatar public.
- Though editing is allowed, no matter how much it has changed the previous rules will still apply.

If you want to, feel free to contact me over on discord: zepwlert#0001
I'll try my best to get your questions answered.

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